Dr. Hilton Becker MD

Dr. Becker is a world-renowned plastic surgeon, who is board certified and and has been in plastic surgery practice since 1981.

He is both, nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in plastic surgery, having lectured all over the world on his surgical techniques and published more than 60 articles in medical literature. Dr. Becker has developed several medical patents, including the Becker Adjustable Breast Implant and the Becker Dissector Liposuction Cannula

In his medical training, Dr. Becker became interested in chemistry and spent time in wound healing research, especially on the effects of hyaluronic acid on wound healing.

Early in his career, Dr. Becker became aware of the irritant effect of commercially available moisturizers following skin peeling. In researching the ingredients in these products, he realized that they contained many chemicals that were not conducive to wound healing.

With all the data in hand, and his passion for chemistry, Dr. Becker decided to formulate products with 100% natural ingredients, free of emulsifiers and preservatives that would stimulate healing without any harmful effects seen with the unnecessary added chemicals.

Dr. Becker has published two articles and a book on ingredients found in skin care products.

His Becker.md Naturals Skin Care line of products is not only offered to our patients but nationwide.

How is it Possible to Formulate a Moisturizer without Chemicals and Preservatives?

Dr. Becker's unique formula uses the principle of suspending active ingredient powders in oil, thus preventing exposure to air and water. Water is only added prior to application.

This avoids the unnecessary use of emulsifiers and preservatives.


Using Hyaluronic Acid to Create a Fetal-Like Environment for In Vitro. Annuls of Plastic Surgery, Volume 36, Number 1

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Dr. Becker’s Book On Skin Care

Annals of Plastic Surgery: February 1991 - Volume 26 - Issue 2. Hilton Becker MD FACS. ‘Cosmetics: Saving Face at What Price?’

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