Instructions for How to Use Dr. Becker’s Exfoliator

7.5% Glycolic Acid

1. Glycolic acid is used to cleans and exfoliate the skin.

2. Apply Glycolic acid to a gauze pad.

3. Use a brisk rubbing action to exfoliate the skin.

4. A brown discoloration will be noticed on the gauze pad, this is a result of the dead skin cells being removed

5. Rinse with cool water and dry.

6. Apply moisturizer.

Step 1

1. Open bottle and grab a gauze pad.

Step 2

2. Apply a few drops of the Glycolic acid to the gauze pad.

Step 3

3. Rub the gauze pad in a brisk rubbing action on the skin.

Step 4

4. Once dead skin cells have been removed, rinse skin with cool water and try. Apply moisturizer after.