Hilton Becker MD 100% Natural Enhanced Moisturizer (1 FL. OZ)
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Hilton Becker MD 100% Natural Enhanced Moisturizer (1 FL. OZ)

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As this unique product contains no water, it is free of chemical emulsifiers and preservatives — unlike other moisturizing creams. Only active ingredients are used with proven benefits to the skin.

Skin moisturizing creams are typically made by combining oil with water. In order to combine oil with water, an emulsifier is required. Because cream can be an ideal culture medium for bacteria growth, it becomes necessary to add preservatives. Preservatives may have a brownish tint and odor, therefore fragrances and coloring agents are added. Stabilizers and other chemicals may also be added to enhance the appearance of the product and the end result is usually a concoction of chemicals that have no beneficial effect. On the contrary, many of these additives can be harmful to the skin and cause premature aging.

Dr. Becker’s 100% Chemical and Preservative Free Moisturizer contains only natural ingredients that promote the healing of delicate skin tissue. Because there are no harmful chemicals or additives, this product nourishes and stimulates new cell growth resulting in immediate improvement of the skin and with long-term use, the results are dramatic.

Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane Oil, Retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide. The unique method of combining these agents enables the production of a 100% chemical and preservative free moisturizer.