Lactic Acid Gel (2 FL. OZ)
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Lactic Acid Gel (2 FL. OZ)

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Lactic Acid, also known as milk acid, is a powerful alpha-hydroxy acid. It is often used as an exfoliating agent isolated and obtained via glucose, fructose and sucrose from various fruit and botanical sources. Lactic Acid deeply penetrates pores, removing any existing dirt, while simultaneously washing away dead skin cells. Its natural affinity to the skin makes it very effective at softening the surface. Dr. Becker’s Lactic Acid Gel 10% delivers all these wonderful benefits to you in a convenient and soft gel. It has some skin hydrating properties, and heavenly smooth texture. This ensures that not only will any exfoliation treatments from Dr. Becker’s Lactic Acid Gel 10% be effective, but comfortable and soothing as well.

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